The first functioning e-Cars were built over 125 years ago. Today, near-silent and emission-free electric vehicles are making a comeback. Many types of e-Vehicles are currently available, such as e-Cars, e-Transporters, e-Scooters, e-Motorbikes, e-Bikes, e-Fun vehicles, and e-Boats.

e-Fun vehicles

e-Fun vehicles

Primarily designed for recreational uses, so-called e-Fun vehicles include Segways, e-Quads, e-Carts, and others.

Segway tours, for instance, have become very popular in the tourist industry, as these vehicles are quite versatile on all terrains, and thus can be used on pavement as well as off-road, even in mountainous regions.

Exploring a city on a Segway is a fun, environmentally friendly alternative to going on a bus tour. Needless to say, it is also much less tiring than walking.

While e-Quads can replace noisy, polluting motor quads, e-Carts offer a "green" alternative to motor carts. Neither of these types of e-Fun vehicles require sacrifices with regard to performance and speed.